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Hiking in Evos #2

My second hike in Evos was on a trail near/on Moose Mountain in Southern Alberta. It was mostly gravel but some meadow, moss, bog, mud, dirt, and grass. We hiked mostly uphill for just over an hour and then back down. I had no concerns or issues with walking on all that gravel. The Evos handle it very well. And again, no problems with grip either.

I remember my calves were quite sore for the next two days. I’m just getting back into hiking and with all that uphill, it wasn’t too surprising that I was feeling it the next day.

The Evos are an incredibly comfortable hiking shoe and I highly recommend them for anyone for almost any terrain.

Here are some pictures (there’s only two because we spent more time hiking than taking pictures):

Hiking in Evos #1

Recently I started hiking in my Evos. I think they’re great hiking shoes: they’re light, flexible, grippy on dry terrain, and extremely comfortable.

This first hike is at a place called Sibbald Flats in Southern Alberta. The terrain is a mix of flat and hills, dirt, roots, grass, gravel, mud, and grass. I often couldn’t help myself from running. :)

There are trees as far as the eye can see and the views of the Rocky Mountains are fantastic. The Evos were fantastic and performed excellently.

Here are some pictures (courtesy of my spouse):

Hiking in Evos #2 to follow tomorrow.

You are the Technology

Vibram FiveFingers launched a new microsite for the Bikila. It is as creative as it is informative as it is provocative. I love it!

You can click on the tattoos for more information, click on them again to return to the ‘bigger picture’, and click on the Vibram logo on the bottom left corner to return to the full screen view.

Barefoot Breakthrough – Completely Barefoot Running

After my foray into barefooting in the rain today, I thought that it is finally time that I try completely barefoot running outside. I’ve run barefoot before on an indoor track so today was a first attempt at running outside sans shoes.

I started out with my Evo shoes and Injinji socks as I was going to do a trail run. I ran out and back on the trails with my shoes and socks on. When I finished the trail part and was back on the road home, I decided it was time to take off the shoes.

I ran on smooth black top asphalt through one of the near neighbourhoods. It was great! I didn’t really feel much difference in my running form other than I probably step a little lighter. Cadence and speed were probably the same (for the end of a long run). I did feel the ground more though (obviously). The little rocks and cracks didn’t bother me until I got to a section of ‘sidewalk’ that cars used to drive on. It was too rough for my new-to-barefoot-running tender feet so I walked this section. When I got back to concrete sidewalk, I ran again and didn’t have any problems.

It was a great experience and I think I’ll try more of it. Again, I was surprised that my feet were clean when I got home. Hopefully my soles toughen up a bit more so I can run on some slightly rougher terrain. And I really want to try barefoot trail running (because trails are my favourite).