Monthly Archives: March 2011

Sharing Passions

It’s not every day you get to share your passion with the people in your life who inspire, motivate, and impassion you. I shared a conversation with my good friend Melanie Jones the other day about natural running. Melanie is a self-proclaimed writer, performer, lion tamer, sillypants, defender of dreams and most especially creator of ENDURE: RunWomanShow. To me, she’s an inspiring woman and artist who shares her passions daily with the people around her (for which I am grateful to be among).

During our conversation, I recounted how and why I switched to wearing minimalist footwear for walking and running. I told her about the positive changes I’ve benefited from due to the switch.

She’s written two phenomenal blog posts about her reasoning and progress. They were humbling for me to read and I wanted to share them with you:

The Courage to Cross a Zillion Start Lines
Natural Running Transition Process: Day #2

Again, welcome to the world of natural running, Melanie. I wish you a glorious, exciting, beautiful, and triumphant adventure. I can’t wait to hear and read more about it.

New Barefoot Jewellery

It finally feels like spring is coming as we’ve had some above zero temperatures here recently. In light of the warmer weather, I thought I’d post some pictures of my barefoot jewellery. My mom made me a pair last year and I loved them so much, she recently made me another. The original pair is purple and the new pair is a bright blue.

If you’re interested in buying some barefoot sandals/jewellery, there are a number of online retailers including, Jewels by Michele, and Seaheart.

There’s also an eHow on how to make your own beaded foot jewellery.

Barefoot Running Treadmill Review

After four months, from inception to delivery, my Barefoot Running Treadmill Review is finished. It was originally written for and it is so large, that it is easire to view it as a PDF than it is a post. Therefore, here is the link for the Barefoot Treadmill Review – Special Edition.

I originally conceived of the idea of ‘What is the best treadmill for barefoot running?’ after speaking with Corrado Giambalvo about my lack of barefoot running in the winter months. He recommended checking out the WOODWAY Curve. He raved to me about the unique and innovative curve design that imposes a natural running style. Then I started thinking about the difference between running on a conventional, flat-decked treadmill in shoes versus barefoot. I searched online for reviews of treadmills for barefoot running and didn’t find any. I then decided to undertake the challenge of finding out what is the best treadmill to run on barefoot and what are some considerations that need to be made.

I set out to find as many treadmill brands as I could and to run on each completely barefoot. I occasionally encountered skepticism from fitness store employees but, for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised at how inviting and enthusiastic people were about my idea and barefoot running in general. Please read the Acknowledgements section of the Review to see all the people that helped me to write this comparative review.


Calgary Herald Article on Barefoot Running

It’s not often that the local paper picks up a story on being barefoot. This week, the Calgary Herald’s Trent Edwards wrote an article about “The bare facts on shoeless running.”

Trent talks to Christopher McDougall about his opinions on barefoot running and shoes, Eric Orton about coaching barefoot running, and Dr. Reed Ferber from the University of Calgary about his upcoming research on barefoot running.