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Lems Shoes Primal 2 Sneak Peek

To say that Lems Shoes has gone through some changes would be an accurate if understated remark. The newly named Lems Shoes used to be Leming Footwear and before that was STEM Footwear. Despite the name changes, however, the company has been dedicated to producing a high-quality minimal footwear product that helps you to Live Easy and Minimal (which happens to be their new motto).

I was provided with two pairs of their newly launched Primal 2 shoes for review, which is an updated version of the STEM Survival/Primal Origins shoe (reviewed here). Rather than wait to write the review, I thought I would share the photography a little early in this Sneak Peek, along with some initial impressions.

The New Primal 2 Black:

The New Primal 2 Frost:

The most obvious change between the original and new shoe is that there is now an insole. The shoe can be worn with or without it. With my wide feet, I prefer the extra shoe room without it. If you have a narrower foot, the insole is a great option to have to minimize shoe volume.

The outsole hasn’t changed at all and maintains it’s great ground feel and phenomenal flexibility. The upper is changed most noticeable in the heel area as it now has a raised achilles notch, a heel tab for easy donning, and a leather-like material wrapping the heel area upper. The tongue is also quite a bit different as it is somewhat stiffer than the original.

The full Lems Shoes Primal 2 review will be posted in a few weeks.

If you already own a pair of STEM Footwear and are looking to buy the new Primal 2, the sizing has not changed so it is safe to purchase the same size. You can check out the new Lems Shoes website and buy a pair of Primal 2s online at: