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Rocket Pure Natural Foot Deodorant Spray Review

This review is a bit of a departure for me from my usual minimalist shoe reviews, but when the owner of a new company called Rocket Pure contacted me to write a review of his new Natural Foot Deodorant Spray, as a runner and a spouse of a runner, I just couldn’t refuse. Who doesn’t need some freshening foot and shoe spray from time to time?

To provide a little information about Rocket Pure, they’re a new company based out of Bellingham, WA, USA. Their goal is to make healthy and natural body care products for athletes. They are a company of runners, for runners.

Their first product, Natural Foot Deodorant Spray is a natural mint spray that deodorizes feet and shoes. It is ideal for not only runners, but also cyclists, rock climbers, hikers, or any athlete who gets stinky feet and/or shoes. You can spray it into shoes or directly onto the skin. It comes in a 4 fl. oz. or 120 ml spray bottle, that after a summer of weekly use, still sprays well with no clogs.

Rocket Pure Natural Foot Deodorant Spray FrontRocket Pure Natural Foot Deodorant Spray Back

The Natural Foot Deodorant Spray ingredients are all-natural and include: water, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, thyme oil, and a few natural preservatives (to keep the all-natural ingredients from growing bacteria of their own). Most importantly, this product DOES NOT contain toxins or chemicals including parabens, sulphates, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, or dyes.

Most of this information is available on the Rocket pure website, however, for a review to be more informative than available online data, I think people want to know how the product works. Therefore, I whole heartedly proclaim that this product WORKS! Over the last several months, my spouse has been using the Natural Foot Deodorant Spray in all his stinky shoes. For an idea of how stinky his shoes were, he would put several of them outside as they were too toxic to be in the house. In particular, his bike shoes, that he wears sockless several times a week for multi-hour rides, were downright unbearable. When he started spraying the Rocket Pure deodorizer in them after rides, whether they were wet or not, when they were dry, they no longer smelled like bacteria-ridden cesspools but minty freshness instead. I honestly cannot think of a better test for a deodorizing product than this!

In addition to his bike shoes, he also sprays it in his running shoes, sandals, and any other smelly footwear. He finds that it is so effective, he also started spraying his leather motorcycle gloves when they started being whiffy.

Neither of us have used the product on our skin directly because we don’t find the need (we do shower often, especially after exercising), so unfortunately I can’t comment as to how effective the product is on stinky feet.

Why might I review such a product on a website called “Natural Runner” that reviews mostly minimalist footwear? I have heard and read countless stories of people with stinky Vibram FiveFingers or other minimalist shoes that are worn without socks. This product is a FANTASTIC SOLUTION to this problem! Can’t afford the time to wash and air dry your shoes? Are you travelling, don’t have access to laundry facilities, and have a very limited number of shoes with you? This product is the ANSWER!

Rocket Pure’s Natural Foot Deodorant Spray is $15.95 and ships (sadly only) currently within the U.S. only. For more information or to order some of this wonderfully smelling spray, please check out the Rocket Pure website.

** For a 10% discount on Rocket Pure products, you can use the coupon code “NatRunnr” on either or **

Also, the company has informed me that Rockey Pure products will be available in Canada in a few months and I will keep you updated with this information as it becomes available.

Lems Shoes Mariner Sneak Peek

Growing from a company that produced a single model to now producing four models in a variety of colours, Lems Shoes has been an interesting and exciting minimalist footwear company to watch through their development. Their latest innovation, the Mariner, is a lightweight boat shoe with the same air-infused rubber outsole as their Sweet Jane and Boulder Boot. The company provided two pairs for review, one in Camel and the other in Sand, and I thought I would share their photographs in a sneak peek before I write the full review in a few weeks’ time.

Womens Mariner Camel

Womens Mariner Sand

My first impressions upon opening the box for these shoes is how surprisingly light they are. They are made of high-quality 100% genuine leather and they weigh so little for a fully enclosed shoe. The Lems-designed air-infused rubber outsole is so light that it balances out the weight of the shoe well between the outsole and the leather upper.

Upon wearing the Mariners, I was impressed with the quality of both the materials and the build. The leather upper is so soft and pliable that they can easily be worn with or without socks. I also noticed how adjustable these shoes are in the width of the midfoot. With only a small amount of material wrapping the sides of the foot and three lace eyelets, these shoes can be spread ultra wide or cinched tightly for a narrower foot. I’m confident that these shoes will easily fit a wide range of foot widths.

The Mariners come with a 3.0 mm foam insole which can be left in or removed. I prefer to wear mine without the insole for added proprioception and volume. The footbed is soft and the stitching is unobtrusive to the bottoms of my feet.

These shoes are one of those special products that get more comfortable the longer you wear them. Although I find them comfortable right out of the box, I know that the soft leather will form-fit to the shape of my feet over time. I’m looking forward to wear testing these over the next few autumn weeks and seeing how they may change.

The Mariners in Camel and Sand are available now on the Lems Shoes website for both men and women. Stay tuned for a full review of this leather boat shoe in the coming weeks.

ToeSox ULTRA Sport Review

I must admit that I have a bit of an obsession with toe socks. My feet are happiest when my toes can spread as wide and as freely as they can, and with toe socks, they can do this best. ToeSox is a footwear manufacturing company specializing in products that allow our feet and toes to spread as freely as they can. They make a number of toe socks products including ToeSock with grip, half ToeSox with grip, and ULTRA Sport ToeSox with no grip. Each of these products come in a number of heights and colours. They recently sent me three pairs of their ULTRA Sport ToeSox in three different weights or thicknesses. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing and testing these new socks and am ready to share my new toe socks discoveries.


ToeSox ULTRA Sport in General
The feature I’ve enjoyed the most from this brand of socks is that they are so SOFT. Of all my toe socks (and at this point, the number is substantial), these are made with the softest thread. All the models are made with a Perf Dry™ moisture management system using channeled synthetic fibers that pull moisture away from the skin for fast evaporation. I always wear my ToeSox with either shoes or slippers and my feet have never been noticeably wet or sweaty so I would say that their performance drying technology works quite well.

The ToeSox ULTRA comes in six different sizes from XXS to XL with a very helpful sizing chart on each package. As I generally fit a U.S. size 8, I chose the small (S) size and they fit quite snugly, as toe socks should. The material is quite stretchy so if you are on the edge of a size, I am confident that a half size on either side is easily forgiven in the stretch alone.

After several months of occasional wear, the ULTRA Sport toe socks have kept their shape extremely well. They fit as well now as they did right out of the package. The material has not pilled at all but has developed a little more fuzz on the outside. All ULTRA Sport models are machine washable and can be dried on low heat (although I hang all my toe socks to dry so I haven’t tested if the dryer changes the shape of the socks at all).

In terms of construction quality, I would say that ToeSox are on par with Injinjis. They both have the occasional thread that sticks out from the sock but nothing major on either brand. I have noticed that the Ultra Lite sock has developed one hole in each sock during this testing period which is not related to wearing through the material but due to a thread construction intersection losing some integrity. They are small holes and after two washes, have not spread any further.

ULTRA Sport Ultra Lite No Show
The Ultra Lite is the thinnest of the ULTRA models. They are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. ToeSox recommends that they are ideal for running, cycling, and climbing. They are  definitely a very thin interface between your feet and the ground or the shoe of your choice. The No Show height is great for running as there is no extra material up the ankles but still provides blister protection from skin rubbing against a shoe. The heel tab with its embroidered logo is perfect for Achilles protection and a little extra material for pulling on and off. The collar is super stretchy and keeps the sock in place well, which is also aided by an elastic arch band that gently hugs the foot. The heel is articulated and holds its shape well while hugging your foot. This sock has never bunched in a shoe and is extremely comfortable to wear even with snug footwear. They are the least durable of the three weights but I think that is to be expected with a thin sock, toe sock or not.

The Ultra Lite is available in No Show ($10 USD), Ankle ($10 USD), and Crew ($11 USD) heights in up to 9 colour options.

ULTRA Sport Light Weight Ankle
The Light Weight is a slightly thicker, mid-range width toe sock that is also made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. ToeSox recommends them as best for walking, running, and functions as their general all-around, all-sport toe sock. They also have a super stretchy collar, articulated heel, and arch band for a snug, unbunching fit. They are a little warmer and more durable than the Ultra Lite, which probably makes them a better value if you are looking for a longer lasting, all-purpose toe sock.

The Light Weight is available in Ankle ($12 USD) and Crew ($13) heights in 6 colour options.

ULTRA Sport Medium Weight Ankle
The Medium Weight is padded, toe sock bliss. Although I’ve had padded conventional socks before, this is my first pair of padded toe socks and they are amazingly comfortable and soft. This model is made of 45% polyester, 45% nylon, and 10% spandex. ToeSox recommends they are best suited for walking, running, and hiking. They also have the same snug fitting features as the Light Weight and do not bunch inside of footwear. The padding is only on the sole of the sock and extends from the upper heel to the toe pockets. They are considerably warmer than the Ultra Lite and Light Weight so are probably better suited for colder temperatures. Despite their added thickness, they are not that hot for socks because of the vented knit top that helps to regulate foot temperature. For colder temperatures, this will definitely be my sock of choice.

The Medium Weight is available in Ankle ($15 USD) and Crew ($16 USD) heights in 4 colour options.

It has been a pleasure reviewing the ToeSox ULTRA Sport socks. It is great that the company recognizes that different thicknesses are needed for different activities and temperatures. Although my favourite feature of these socks is their extreme softness, they also fit incredibly well, don’t move around or bunch in a shoe, and have excellent drying technology inherent in their channeled synthetic fibre construction.

For more information on the ToeSox ULTRA Sport products, or to learn more about some of their other toe socks products with grip, you can check out the ToeSox website.

To purchase ToeSox products in Canada, you can find retailers by calling 1-888-756-7798 or email ToeSox is exclusively distributed in Canada by Kloz.