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Rocket Pure Hand & Foot Balm and Anti-chafe Balm Review

Rocket Pure is one of those companies that genuinely cares about the feedback from their customers. They make natural body care products for athletes and I recently had the pleasure of reviewing their Natural Foot Deodorant Spray, which is used quite often in my home. When they offered me the chance to review and provide feedback for their two newest products, I was happy to oblige. Rocket Pure recently launched a Hand & Foot Balm as well as a Friction Therapy Anti-chafe Balm. My spouse and I have both used the products and have reached a number of conclusions.

Hand & Foot Balm

My spouse and I have both thoroughly enjoyed using the Hand & Foot Balm. I adore its smell; sometimes I open the tin just to enjoy its aroma. My spouse prefers unscented products so isn’t as big a fan as I am of the smell.

The balm is made of a number of natural oils and extracts, which are listed on the container and pictured on the bottom of the tin. To apply the product, heat from your hand will melt the solid oils as well as loosen it with thixotropy, which means the more you agitate it, the thinner or less viscous it gets. Basically, the longer you press the product, the more you’re going to be able to apply, which I think is quite cool, scientifically speaking.

As for use, I have never seen a comparable product so I have nothing to compare it to but I find that it works wonderfully! I often get cracked skin on my hands and, with thorough use of this balm, that did not happen this winter. I also used it quite often on my dry heels and it heals them quickly and effectively. The product soaks in quickly and does not leave a greasy feel behind. I would use it on my hands and type on my keyboard shortly after without leaving any residue on the keys . I found that it works best on the leathery skin on the hands and feet and doesn’t soak in as fast or feel like it lasts as long on the tops of my hands and feet compared to the tougher type of skin.I compared using this balm on one hand and a regular moisturizer on the other and found the balm lasted longer and felt less greasy as well as leaving a cleaner feel on my skin.

My spouse has extremely chapped and cracked skin on his feet, a side-effect of his ultrarunning training. He used the balm on his feet and found that it helped heal some of the cracking of his skin. If he used the product every day, I suspect that it would help this condition significantly.

I found that this was my go-to product this winter for dry skin on my hands and heels. I love the smell and found that it worked fast and effectively while leaving my skin with a pleasant aroma and a supple, non-greasy feel.

The Hand & Foot Balm is priced at $12.99 USD for 2 oz/60 grams.

Friction Therapy Anti-chafe Balm

After my spouse and I have both used the Rocket Pure Anti-chafe Balm, we can say that it definitely works. My spouse used it for a 2-hour run and I used it for my usual 20-minute run and neither of us experienced any chafing.

However, we were both surprised to see and smell the peppermint in this product. My skin usually doesn’t react well to mint but it didn’t seem to be bothered by the amount in this product where I applied the balm, for use against chafing from my sports. As a male, my spouse puts anti-chafe balms in different, more sensitive locations, and he said the mint was unpleasantly tingly in those areas. If the product fails or you already have some chafing and need to apply a balm to keep from getting more, this menthol-type ingredient would not feel at all comfortable. One of the reasons for the inclusion of the peppermint oil, the company has told me is that it has natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Both of us are users of Body Glide Anti-Chafe so have a product to compare this balm to. I prefer the ease of application with the Body Glide stick compared to the Rocket Pure tube. The stick keeps me from having to apply the product with my hands and, therefore, having to wash it off afterwards, which can be problematic out on the trail or at a triathlon transition. And this product definitely needs to be washed off the hands, especially because of the aforementioned mint, which would not feel good if you happen to wipe sweat off your face and transfer it near your eyes or nose.

However, the tube format lends well to quick application of a lot of balm, which is potentially beneficial during race situations.

I found that the product transferred oil onto my merino wool tech shirt, which required a stain remover to get out. I could have used less or waited longer after applying the balm to put my shirt and run but I like to just get going after getting dressed. The company assures me that they have performed extensive testing and they observed no staining of clothes of any kind and that the product washes out easily with warm soapy water. The problem might be that I only wash my clothes in cold water.

Although the appeal of all-natural ingredients is a plus and the product definitely works with no experienced chafing, the tingly mint, the need to wash the product off my hands after application, and the oil transfer to my running clothes are deal breakers for me.

The company has informed me that they are working on producing an Anti-Chafe Balm in stick format that will be available later this year. I believe the oil transfer to clothes and leftover product on my hands issues will be alleviated with this new format.

The Anti-Chafe Balm is priced at $15.99 USD for 4 fl oz/120 ml.

Fore more information about Rocket Pure or to order either of these all-natural body care products, you can check out their website at

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