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Miscellaneous Updates

I prefer to write one blog post per subject but my ‘Barefoot Adventures’ have taken over my life recently, in a totally awesome and creative way. So here are some updates as to what’s going on in my world:

I wrote my first Book Review for Living Barefoot. Al and I decided to venture into writing book reviews and I thought the first one should be for Born to Run. It’s definitely a different writing style and process than writing shoe reviews. In fact, Al was so surprised with it he initially doubted that I wrote it. :) Here’s the link:

My WOODWAY Treadmill Review was posted. I had so much fun at Stenia Health and talking with the owner, Kelsey Andries, that I had to write more about the WOODWAY treadmills. There was a bunch of material that I’d taken out of the Barefoot Running Treadmill Review that I felt still needed to be shared so I wrote the WOODWAY Treadmill Review for this material. If you’re looking for a treadmill to run barefoot on, these were undoubtedly the best of the 20 treadmills I tried. Here’s the link:

This past May 1 was International Barefoot Running Day! As I had run the day before (in my Evos), I celebrated by going for a barefoot walk with my family. I’m working up to barefoot running outside (after many barefoot runs indoors this winter) so decided to start this year’s barefoot running program with some barefoot walking (as suggested in the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Running). I have a long way to go before I’m ready to run barefoot on concrete, my tender feet have some sole strengthening to do. But spring is here and the weather is warming up so I can look forward to many more barefoot walks, progressing to barefoot runs, in the coming months.

Living Barefoot Coaching has taken off! I have two clinics booked already and plan on looking for many more venues when I return from the VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Program in New York. This is super exciting for me and I can’t wait to share the joys of Natural Running with experienced runners and those looking to start or get back into running.

Stay tuned for stories from New York City! Off to pack…

WOODWAY Treadmill Day

While in the process of writing my barefoot appropriate treadmill comparison review, I had the pleasure of spending several hours at Stenia Health & High Performance trying out their WOODWAY Curve and Desmo treadmills as well as chatting with the head coach and owner, Kelsey Andries. Kelsey was a fountain of information about her treadmills and a pleasure to talk with. I’m currently in the process of writing a WOODWAY treadmill specific review and the helpful information Kelsey shared with me. Stay tuned for the link to that review when it is finished. :)

The WOODWAYs were the first treadmills I tried out for the barefoot treadmill review. They also turned out to be the best. Hands down. No contest. The BEST! I liked running on both of them because of their total lack of temperature increase of the running surface and the ideal suspension. The Curve was my favourite though because the workout running on it was so hard. The non-motorized, curve design forces good form and mindful running because you always have to be aware of your driving your pace.

I could go on and on about the Curve and Desmo but I think I’ll just share some pictures of them share the full-length review when it comes out on Living Barefoot.

WOODWAY Curve and Desmo
Curve Running Surface
Close-up Curve slat
Desmo Running Surface
Close-up Desmo slat

Barefoot Runners Society Treadmill Recommendations Post

The Barefoot Runners Society posted a shortened version of my treadmill review yesterday. The short version includes my criteria for a barefoot appropriate treadmill, the best treadmill for barefoot performance, the best treadmill for barefoot value, and my recommendations when considering buying a treadmill specifically for barefoot running. Here’s the link:

Don’t get burned: What to consider when picking the best treadmill for barefoot running

Barefoot TJ at BRS is an inspiration to the barefoot running world. Thanks TJ!

Barefoot Running Treadmill Review

After four months, from inception to delivery, my Barefoot Running Treadmill Review is finished. It was originally written for and it is so large, that it is easire to view it as a PDF than it is a post. Therefore, here is the link for the Barefoot Treadmill Review – Special Edition.

I originally conceived of the idea of ‘What is the best treadmill for barefoot running?’ after speaking with Corrado Giambalvo about my lack of barefoot running in the winter months. He recommended checking out the WOODWAY Curve. He raved to me about the unique and innovative curve design that imposes a natural running style. Then I started thinking about the difference between running on a conventional, flat-decked treadmill in shoes versus barefoot. I searched online for reviews of treadmills for barefoot running and didn’t find any. I then decided to undertake the challenge of finding out what is the best treadmill to run on barefoot and what are some considerations that need to be made.

I set out to find as many treadmill brands as I could and to run on each completely barefoot. I occasionally encountered skepticism from fitness store employees but, for the most part, I was pleasantly surprised at how inviting and enthusiastic people were about my idea and barefoot running in general. Please read the Acknowledgements section of the Review to see all the people that helped me to write this comparative review.