Two Recently Discovered Resource Websites

Last week, I had a wonderful tea date with a reader who lives in Calgary. Natasha is new to minimal shoes so I brought my collection for her to try some on. It was wonderful watching her excitement and enthusiasm. We shared stories, experiences, and resources. It was great fun and informative for both of us.

Natasha shared with me a website that she enjoys and, after reading quite a few posts myself, I thought I’d share it on the blog for others to enjoy as well:

Katy Bowman writes a blog called Katy Says with the tag line “Alignment Matters!”. She is a biomechanist focused on educating and helping people correct mechanical causes of pelvic floor disorder, bone regeneration, and foot disease. She is a proponent of healthy and strong feet as well as proper body alignment.

Some of my favourite articles of hers include:

She has categories for Feet-N-Footwear and Natural Movement that I particularly liked. She has also published two books and created two videos, which you can find further info about here.

While perusing her blog, I found a link to another helpful blog. Dr. Nick’s Running Blog is written by Dr. Nick Campitelli, a podiatrist with a special interest in helping runners with injuries. I spent a considerable amount of time reading his blog posts on specific running injuries and like that he has categories for plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and knee pain.

Some of the posts I liked include:

Dr. Nick also writes minimalist running shoe reviews as well as a guide to transitioning to running in a minimalist shoe.

Thank you again, Natasha, for a wonderful day and introducing me to some great new blogs.